It is important that you read through and understand the following information regarding our repairs procedures for your Narishige equipment. This will ensure that you receive the service that you expect from us and the best service we can offer.

We charge a basic admin fee EUR 40.00 for all received jobs even if the repair is cancelled. To avoid any unnecessary costs, we advise you to contact us first before you send an item to us for repair. This way, we can advise you whether your item is repairable or not.

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Repair Request Form

To book a repair, please complete our Repair Request form above.

Purchase Order Form

Send us an official PO - or complete our Purchase Order form above.


Please do not send this old type of Magnetic Stand with your micromanipulator.

It is very heavy and has the potential to damage your equipment in transit. We do not need it to complete the repair.

If the actual magnetic stand is damaged in some way, please contact us for advice.

When sending your equipment to us, the best way is to use the original product box for the equipment. If you do not have the original box, please refer to the important notes below:


You can send your equipment for repair to our office address:

Narishige International Ltd.
Unit 7, Willow Business Park, Willow Way, London SE26 4QP, U.K.
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8699 9696 Email:


A basic admin fee of EUR 40.00 will be charged for all individual repair job(s) that is received by us. We do not charge fixed fees for repairs. The cost is derived directly from the work that we deem necessary to return your equipment to good working order. Therefore costs will vary accordingly. We will always provide you with our Guide Cost for your particular item, which will be the approximate maximum you will be charged for a Standard repair. A more accurate Estimated Cost can be provided upon request. We will request your confirmation of the costs before starting any repair. Return shipping costs will be calculated at the time of sending (see Return Freight & Insurance). Standard repair excludes replacing parts with the exception of cartridges & diaphragms.


Our general turnaround time for a Standard repair is 2-3 weeks. When we send you our Guide Cost it will also include information on our current turnaround times. We may be able to provide a non-guaranteed Express service (5-7 days) upon your request, which will be provided free of charge at our discretion. If you have an urgent repair request please make sure to inform us as soon as possible.

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We require a formal Purchase Order for each individual repair job (not item) that is booked with us. Your order document which should be faxed or sent as a .pdf only, should be on your institution's official letter-headed paper and must include the following details:

  1. Order Number;
  2. VAT number;
  3. Delivery address;
  4. Invoice address;
  5. Contact Name;
  6. Contact Telephone number;
  7. Details of the repaired equipment (Model & Serial Numbers) on your Institution's official letter-headed paper.

If your existing purchase order template cannot accommodate these details, please fill out the provided Purchase Order Form.


There are two payment categories for customers: PRE-PAYMENT and NET-PAYMENT

Net-payment customers:
After your equipment is repaired we will make a formal invoice to your account and arrange shipping of your items.
Pre-payment customers:
After your equipment is repaired we will send you a Pro-Forma invoice along with our banking details. Once you have made payment in full and our bank shows that the payment is cleared, we will make a formal invoice on your account and arrange shipping of your items. If you are unsure which payment category applies to you please contact us.

We accept payment via bank transfers and debit/credit card. Our base currency for transactions is the EURO. For more payment information please visit PURCHASES FROM US.

In general principle, Universities and National institutions are classed as NET-PAYMENT customers. Private companies, organisations and individuals are classed as PRE-PAYMENT. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to email us or call +44 (0)20 8699 9696

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Narishige International Ltd offers you a warranty on all repaired parts and/or solved problems for six months from the date of the original invoice. The warranty covers repaired parts or solved problems only - it does not cover the whole product. If your product was purchased less than one year ago from Narishige International Ltd, then we may offer you a repair / replacement service free of charge - please contact us in the first instance before sending us your equipment.


Whilst we will try to repair all Narishige equipment, repair of older equipment may sometimes not be possible due to the lack of available parts etc. Please accept that we cannot guarantee repair for some equipment, especially models which were manufactured over 10 years ago or have since been discontinued. Read our policy regards servicing equipment 15 years or older


As the customer you may cancel a repair job at any time but note the following responsibilities and liabilities: A basic admin fee of EUR 40.00 will be charged if you cancel a repair job already received by us. You, the customer are liable for all return freight & insurance costs. If a repair job that requires a custom-made part is cancelled, it is the customerç—´ responsibility to ensure that we receive a notification of their wish to cancel the repair before the part has been ordered; otherwise the customer will be liable to pay the full cost of the custom-made part in addition to all other related charges. Narishige International Ltd may cancel a repair job that has been sent to us if replacement parts are not available. In this instance there will be a basic admin fee of EUR 40.00. Additionally, the customer is still responsible for the return freight costs if they wish us to return the unrepaired equipment.


The cost of return freight & insurance will be calculated after your equipment is repaired and packed. We will return Narishige original product boxes only. If you wish us to return any of the packaging in which your item was sent to us, please state this clearly in your communications before we receive your package. You may also arrange freight collection with your own shipping company.


We have set out these procedures to ensure you receive a high-level of service and communication for your repairs & servicing requirements. Therefore we are happy to receive your feedback on these procedures or hear any requests you may have at any time.

If you would like further clarification of any of information provided here, please contact us at

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If you need to see more details, please find our Terms and Conditions as follows:

Terms and Conditions (PDF file)

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